Why we exist.


Managing every aspect of your accommodation business is no small feat. So we’re changing the game by simplifying the complex—with spaces that inspire and delight, that fulfil needs without sacrificing style, all while delivering seamless, personalised experiences. Decorate, prepare, clean, meet and greet, request fresh bed linen to luxury amenities—all in one place. By eliminating inefficiencies as we grow, we help hosts deliver hospitality that’s both remarkable and accessible. Because everyone should be able to afford an extraordinary place to stay.


Where are we going


What began as a journey to provide a better stay small boutique accommodation provider, which over time has grown into a celebration of modern design and exceptional comfort for small to large hotels and serviced apartments. Today our clients includes some of the most respected hotel chains and serviced apartments in the world. We’re working with world class tech, highly trained housekeeping crews and home designers to create truly remarkable spaces—ones that transcend hospitality and enrich lives. And we’re employing technology to keep those spaces affordable as we bring Sobird to more cities around Australia.


Sobird today


Sobird has multiple service areas across Australia, New Zealand and United States, with full service presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Queenstown, Los Angeles and Austin. We’re a very locally driven organisation, with teams on the ground in cities across the Australia/NZ and USA.

• Over 10 cities
• 100,000+ properties made guest ready
• 400K+ guests
• 60+ team members